Aloha 🤙
Hiroshi Endo is a Japanese 🔴 creative director 📣, who draws from his film 🎬, design 📐, and photography 📷 background 🔗. With a degree in Art 🎨, he developed and refined his skills in creative ideation 📖 and visual storytelling 🖼️ throughout his career⏳.
Having dedicated over two decades to shaping films and designs for advertising 🍔, branding🥫, and entertainment🍿 for clients in the technology📱, fashion👟, and automobile 🏎️ sectors, Hiroshi has led creative direction for renowned agencies 💼 and boutiques 🎀. His expertise seamlessly adapts to innovative projects 🎯seeking creative direction🔮 and artistic insight 👁️.
Hiroshi splits his time between Los Angeles 🥑, Honolulu 🥥, and Tokyo 🌰, collaborating with fellow creative minds 👽 and visionary entrepreneurs 🦄 worldwide. His enthusiasm 🤩, humility 🥸, and confidence 😎 blend harmoniously 🍭, offering a unique fusion of creativity🪄. He looks forward to exploring new creative ventures and connecting with like-minded individuals 🤝.
Hiroshi is just a message away 💬 if you seek a creative mind💡 and a compassionate spirit 💖 to infuse your upcoming project with creativity that aims to inspire✨ . He is prepared to embark on this exciting artistic journey 🍄 together with you✌️.
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